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Boulder Opal Ring

Origin: Queensland, Australia

Ring Size: US 7 / N 1/2


Opal is a hydrated amorphous silicon dioxide – a form of silica without a visible crystalline structure, which contains up to 30% water in its structure.


Opal consists of tiny spheres of silica. In the case of “Common” Opal, these spheres vary in size and are distributed randomly through the opal. These spheres will reflect light, causing the pearlescent lustre, known as opalescence. In the case of “Prescious” Opal, such as this ring, the silica spheres are packed together in an orderly grid. This grid diffracts light, resulting in a colourful play of flashing light.

Boulder Opal refers to precious opal running in thin veins through its host rock (usually brown ironstone).

Boulder Opal reflects both earth and fire energy. It can both ground and spiritually awaken. It assists one to live spiritually and practically at the same time.


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