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Faden Quartz Pendant

Origin: Pakistan

Faden Quartz is a tabular quartz , characterized by what appears to be a white thread running through and seemingly joining each crystal. It in fact derives its name from the German “Faden”, which means “thread.”

Faden Quartz forms within narrow fissures in the host rock, where the fissure has gradually widened, causing the crystal to split and then recrystallize to join together. As a result of the recurring widening of the fissure and consequent recrystallization at the split point, a “scar” has formed where the two halves of the split crystal have rejoined – this is how the “thread” formed.

Faden Quartz is a crystal for connections. It acts to connect and integrate our various energy fields and bodies. Other than helping us to maintain overall harmony, it also facilitates astral and inter-dimensional travel.

Faden Quartz can also be used to improve the connection between people, simply through the intention of the person using the crystal.

Faden Quartz is attributed with helping the healing process of fractured bones as well as ligament and muscle tears. It also patches leaks and holes in our etheric body. The principle is that, like a thread used to sew a tear in fabric, Faden Quartz will help rejoin things that have become severed or disconnected.

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