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Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Origin: USA

Herkimer Diamond is a type of double terminated quartz found near the town of Herkimer in up-state New York.

Herkimer diamond is attributed with helping us to clear unconscious fears and alleviate tension in the physical body, down to the deep tissue level, creating a sense of deep and true relaxation and wellbeing. It also activates the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating focused meditation.

Clear stones will clear blockages and debris, restoring ones aura with high frequency energy. Included crystals help to cleanse the physical body, and lend stamina.

Referred to as an “attunement stone”, one can use herkimer diamond to keep attuned with a chosen person, a group of people or even a location. Herkimer diamonds will retain information, if one meditates with them and uses intent. Two or more people meditating together with the same intent, whilst holding a herkimer diamond each, are said to remain attuned to one another, even when separated. Doing the same with two crystals and leaving one behind in a chosen location is said to maintain a connection with that location.

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