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Garnet Pendant

Garnet is a silicate of interchangeable elements, found in metamorphic rock. Its colour can range from red to orange, brown or even the brightest green.

Generally, garnet is said to be a stone of manifestation and prosperity, as well as a stabilizing force. It stimulates and supports creativity and fortifies ones willpower, devotion and commitment. It is an ideal ally for embarking on projects or taking up a cause.

Garnet works by both stimulating and regulating the flow of kundalini energy along the spine. It monitors and regulates the energy flow through the body, thus maintaining balance. Garnet’s energy encourages the process of self-discovery. Because of its stabilizing nature, it helps one to restore and maintain personal order. It also removes negative energy from the chakras

Almandine Garnet contains iron and aluminum, and is the most common of the garnets, and the most widely used as a gemstone. It is dark red to dark brown in colour.

Almandine Garnet activates the base and heart chakras and strengthens ones connection with the Earth, thus proving to be very grounding. Almandine creates a sense of security and personal abundance. It helps one to feel supported in the world. It alleviates fear and anxiety, particularly in relation to finances – great for times of economic turmoil! The trust in the universe that almandine promotes clears the way for manifestation of wealth and abundance.


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