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Red Jasper Earrings

Red Jasper is a variety of granular cryptocrystalline quartz containing iron oxide impurities.

Soothing and calming, red jasper works by affecting change and progress gradually and constantly. It is stabilizing and considered valuable in leading to and maintaining good physical health and emotional balance.

Red jasper helps to both balance and strengthen the base chakra and help one to be grounded. It sharpens the instincts, calms the nerves and improves the flow of chi through the body.

Red Jasper helps increase stamina and creativity. It is also a protective crystal and is used to counteract night fears.

It empowers one in the face of physical or emotional violence and may engender the courage necessary to overcome such violence and heal.

Red Jasper may help to relieve menstrual pain and for pregnant women is considered beneficial in promoting strong fetal growth.

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