Vesica Piscis Pendant

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Vesica Piscis Pendant

Crafted from sterling silver, this necklace includes the chain.

The Vesica Piscisis a symbol of the very first impulse of self-awareness and Creation. It begins with the separation of the Infinite from its self. A single circle, a shape without beginning or end, symbolizes the Infinite. Within it is pure consciousness and its perimeter represents the Infinite’s boundlessness (beyond which is Non-Existence). Eventually Pure Consciousness “crosses over” the perimeter, to observe and become aware of its Self. This is said to be the meaning in Genesis of, “The spirit of God was hovering over the waters…”

It is the first separation from Singularity into Duality, and is represented by a second circle intersecting the first. Where these two circles intersect, energy is generated and released as the first ever manifestation of light, hence the Creator commands, “Let there be light”. This is the Big Bang. There is now the Creator and the created.

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