Elven Star Pendant (Silver & Broinze)

The Elven Star(Faery Star/ heptagram/septagram) is a unique pattern of 7 points drawn with a single line, and with a long history. Early Christians used it as a protection symbol and the points represent the 7 days of Creation. Alchemists correlate the 7 points to the 7 classical planets. It is more recently considered to be a portal to the realm of Faeries and Elves. Those who have an affinity with the Faery Folk will likely feel drawn to it and may use it to communicate with them. The seven points are said to correspond to the following connected principles: The Sun (Fire), The Woods (Earth), The Sea (Water), The Wind (Air), The Moon (Divine Feminine), Magic (the magical reality that is the Faery realm itself) and Connectedness (Spirit - the interconnectedness of all things). There is much more to the Elven Star and it is worth delving deeper to understand its many layers of meaning.

Crafted from sterling silver and bronze.

Chain sold separately.

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