Bell Shaped Poetic Pieces Pendant
Inspiring words and affirmations inscribed on an elegant bell shaped pendant. ..
Poetic Pieces Horizontal Oval Pendant
This sterling silver oval pendant measures 3.5 cm long and 2.5 cm high and is ..
Poetic Pieces Oval Pendant
This sterling silver oval pendant measures 2.3 cm wide and 3.2 cm high and is available ..
Poetic Pieces Disc on Natural Silk
A delicate necklace, featuring a 45cm  black silk cord tied to a round disc (21 mm ..
Poetic Pieces Round Disc Pendant
This sterling silver circular pendant measures 2.2 cm in diametre. Available in assorted..
Poetic Pieces Single Word Affirmations
These small sterling silver pendants, measuring 1.5cm in diametre, bear powerful single ..
Poetic Pieces Large Disc Pendant
This pendant, embellished with a choice of beautiful words, measures 4cm in diametre.&nb..
Poetic Pieces Box Pendant
This 3 dimensional box pendant, measures 45cm in height and 0.7cm wide and deep, bears i..
Poetic pieces Double Page Pendant
These inspirational quotes are inscribed on 2 tablets of sterling silver, one behind the..
Poetic Pieces Double Circle Pendant
This attractive pendant features 2 circles of sterling silver, one in front of..
Poetic Pieces Concentric Circles Pendant
The quotes inscribed on these pendants are spread across 2 discs of silver, al..
Poetic Pieces Small Oval Pendant
These little oval pendants bear inscriptions specifically for Mums. Perfect Mo..
Poetic Pieces I Ching Pendant
Shaped like an I-Ching coin, these sterling silver pendants are inscribed with quotes by..
Poetic Pieces Heart on Silk Thread
A delicate necklace featuring a 45 cm black silk thread tied onto a small sterling silve..
Poetic Pieces Heart Pendant
A gift of Love, from the heart! Choose from a selection of love-inspired quotes inscribe..

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