Horoscope Jewellery

Aries Pendant
Aries, The Ram Aries is a dynamic and fearless trailblazer, prepared to push ahead into uncharted..
Taurus Pendant
Taurus – The Bull With exceptional patience and unrivalled determination, Taurus stays focused un..
Gemini Pendant
Gemini, The Twins Gemini, the quintessential communicator, loves to converse and engage the mind...
Cancer Pendant
Cancer, The Crab Caring and affectionate, Cancer is deeply devoted to loved ones and family and v..
Leo Pendant
Leo – The Lion Self-assured Leo is more than happy to be the centre of attention. Leo is like the..
Virgo Pendant
Virgo – The Virgin Virgo is happy to go over the details of things with a fine-tooth comb, method..
Libra Pendant
Libra – The Scales Peace, harmony and balance are what Libra aspires to. Libra loves the company ..
Scorpio Pendant
Scorpio – The Scorpion Once Scorpio’s mind is made up, there’s no turning back. Assertive Scorpio..
Sagittarius Pendant
Sagittarius – The Archer The search for knowledge and truth inspires Sagittarius, who is on a que..
Capricorn Pendant
Capricorn, The Goat With dedication and stalwart discipline, Capricorn sets a goal, rolls up slee..
Aquarius Pendant
Aquarius, The Water Bearer Aquarius wants to change the world, and clearly can. A visionary an..
Pisces Pendant
Pisces – The Fish Enigmatic, inward looking Pisces walks a fine line between two worlds. So natur..
Horoscope Pendant Full Set
Purchase the full set of Horoscope pendants for a discounted price.   Chains sold separat..
Pouches & Info Cards
With every piece of Horoscope jewellery, we provide you with a satin pouch and a corresponding ..

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